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About Us

I guess you are wondering why I love socks so much!

Well, being born & raised in windy & cold Chicago, we would wear socks to keep our feet warm. Sometimes, those soxs matched but most of the time they were mixed-matched & different colors & lengths. My mother would always wear my father’s soxs & sometimes he could not find his soxs, so, he would look down at my mother’s feet & say to her to please give him his soxs & she would just laugh!

One time, my mother had on a pair of my father’s socks & there was a big hole at the top of the sox & my mother’s pedicured-red-toe was sticking out of the top of it. She would wiggle her toe & disguise her voice as a cartoon character & us kids would laugh & laugh.

Well, this led to the whole family being involved in this little form of entertainment, including our pet, a big German Shepard dog named Peaches. What made Peaches so funny was that one of her big ears was floppy, so one ear was up & the other down with these funny socks on them & she was always trying to get them off….so very, very funny! It was so much fun, sometimes, we would invite our friends over to par-take….they said we were funny crazy!

O’ yell! You can wear the funny funky soxs to bed & stick your feet out from under the end of the blanket before the little ones come in to kiss you good night….what a laugh they will get right before going to bed. To go to bed with a laugh & smile on your face will definitely bring about pleasant dreams.

Please take a moment & think about creating your own “fun memories” with the funny funky soxs that will bring about all inclusive family time, including your pet….you could do puppets shows & create a stage from a regular brown cardboard box from the supermarket (free) & cut holes into it for the“funny funky soxs” hand puppets to stick out of….give them funny names & dorky voices….you could play pin-the-sox on the tail of your pet! Guaranteed to be funny! Get back to me with your feedback & share your fun with us all…if you have a video send it too….can hardly wait to hear from you!

These wonderful times of joy, happiness, laughter, togetherness & love is the brand of THE FUNNY FUNKY SOXS CLUB. It has been said a laugh will cure many an illness & bring a smile to one’s face. This is our Mission Statement! Our Purpose!